02 March, 2007

Response to My Letter

Well I guess it's only fair to post the other side:

LETTER: Hollywood not given credit

Issue date: 3/2/07 Section: Opinion

It's never enough, is it? While I may not always agree with Hollywood and Washington's relationship (in fact, I rarely do), I do have to applaud the efforts stars try to make with their popularity. When it's cool to support a charity, the masses follow.

Look at the telethon event after the tsunami in which you could call in to donate and maybe even speak with George Clooney or any other one of his triple A-list pals pals. I don't care if they do it just to look good or because it's fashionable - celebrities still make a difference.

Which is why I couldn't help but roll my eyes at Michael O'Leary's letter (Hollywood's Double Standard, Mar. 1, p. 9). I'm willing to go to the bank on the fact that Kevin Spacey does not make arrangements for his transportation. Some bleary-eyed 20-something assistant probably made the call for a car during the 17-hour-plus work-day while O'Leary was busy frowning at the trailers needed to shoot a movie.

I'm pretty sure they weren't too concerned with what the students of Boston University would think if their boss showed up in anything less than a hybrid because they're too busy balancing things like Spacey's schedule and phone list and too stressed about things, such as paying rent and having money to eat, to even have time to watch the Academy Awards.

So, I ask again: How come it's never enough? Never mind the charities Spacey sponsors, like Medicinema, which brings movie theatres to hospitals so patients can escape their illnesses, or Declare Yourself, which helps young people (like O'Leary) get educated and inspired by voting (so that green issues can have a voice) or any of the countless other fundraising events he attends throughout the year. I did my research. Did O'Leary?

So, I'll tell him what. When he is that assistant fresh out of college (and he will be), he can be the one to make sure his boss is going green and be self-righteous about who is doing their part. I think Hollywood is doing okay.

Arestia Rosenberg
COM '07

LETTER: Hollywood not given credit