02 March, 2007


So apparently the Free Press will not let a debate play out on its pages so here's the rebuttal I wrote with hopes of publication:

Rebuttal to Rosenberg's Response:

It’s strange that Arestia Rosenberg would mention Hollywood’s relationship with Washington in her response to my letter, Hollywood’s double standard, because I didn’t mention this relationship in mine. My impression of global warming is that it is a problem that transcends politics, transcends partisanship and, oh yeah, it’s global! We need not concern ourselves with Hollywood’s role in American politics when it comes to global warming because it’s not a political issue, it’s a human civilization issue that we need to deal with now.

I was as happy as anyone to see the Hollywood elite get behind Al Gore’s initiatives in as visible a way as they could. However, I was let down by the small, non-indicative (at least that’s what Rosenberg would lead me to believe) piece of Hollywood that came to Boston University last Monday.

No one can belittle the positive charity work that Hollywood does either. Whether they do it out of compassion or for their image, it is charity work nonetheless. Certainly some charities seem to have highs and lows of popularity, both among the people in Hollywood and the general public, but any work with any charity is commendable.

Kevin Spacey is a great actor and from the research Rosenberg did (and I did not, as she was quick to point out) a philanthropist as well. I’m sure he and his friends in Hollywood will soon start doing their part for this particular cause. It is undeniable how much they do already, but it frustrates me that we have seen very little from them recently regarding global warming, a cause they overwhelmingly showed support for at the film industry’s biggest event of the year. The film production I saw first hand the other day showed no signs of change from the old ways and that’s where my frustration stems from.

Again, global warming should be on all our minds because we can all make a difference. Charity work is great and Hollywood does a lot of it, but environmental initiatives are in another realm completely because they affect every living thing on this planet.

For the time being, I will continue to do my part for this cause, remain “self-righteous,” and get ready for post-graduate employment as “that assistant fresh out of college” that Rosenberg assured me I will be.