01 March, 2007

Narcisist? No, Just Whoring Another Writing Outlet!

Here's my letter to The Daily Free Press as it appeared on Thursday, March 1, 2007 and the link to the original website below:

LETTER: Hollywood's double standard

Issue date: 3/1/07 Section: Opinion

Sunday night at The Academy Awards, Al Gore took center stage promoting global warming initiatives and received much applause from the Hollywood elite for what he's done already. Not only were the members of the audience apparently behind Gore, but Leonardo DiCaprio announced the Oscars were "green" for the first time, which also received applause from the audience. Hollywood seemed all geared up and ready to do its part to make change.

And then Monday rolled around. With the filming of "The Untitled Blackjack Movie" on Boston University's campus, a dozen trailers and their diesel-guzzling vehicles rolled onto Commonwealth Avenue to give Boston a little taste of Hollywood. Even A-list star Kevin Spacey, a frequent attendee of the Oscars, climbed out of a big sports utility vehicle, as seen on the front page of this paper Tuesday ("Actor, producer Spacey brings filming to BU Castle," Feb. 27, p.1). Looks like Hollywood really is ready to make some change.

Perhaps the giant trailers and the vehicles to pull them are something that the stars just can't part with quite yet. But Spacey couldn't be transported to the set in a hybrid or even a compact car?

If Kevin Spacey hadn't been filming this movie, he probably would have been in the audience at the awards applauding along with his colleagues. But instead, he was using a Lincoln Navigator (which I measured to be larger than my room in Warren Towers) in front of a crowd of moviegoers and star-struck onlookers. Imagine how great of a gesture it would have been to see a Hollywood star actually doing his part for the environment after the previous night's environmental triumph.

Here's to hoping Spacey hadn't received the memo yet about the newest Hollywood trend and will soon try to do his part, just like rest of us should, to follow Gore's lead.

Michael O'Leary

COM '10

LETTER: Hollywood's double standard