06 March, 2007

Did You Say Dennis Kucinich?

Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich ran for President in 2004 an got little attention. He is a four-term member of Congress and former mayor Cleveland but garnered very few votes in both the primaries and the general election, which he did stick around for. In the lead up to 2004 he was the butt of many jokes and we'll be sure to see it again in the coming months, as he is out on the campaign trail again.

I'll be honest though, Dennis Kucinich is a unique, straight shooting politician. He's not out to BS American voters into voting for him by letting them hear what they want to hear. Sure some of his initiatives are interesting (such as creating a Department of Peace in the Executive Branch) but what the things he says make sense. He was against the war from the beginning, an unpopular move at the time. Kucinich appears to me as one of the most articulate candidates of recent memory and has the discipline to live a vegan lifestyle as well.

At 5 foot 7 inches and 60 years of age, he doesn't come across being aesthetically "presidential" but he has a lot of good things to say. I think this YouTube video sums up the man pretty well in just a few minutes: Kucinich talks to George Stephanopoulos.

Sure, Kucinich's chances aren't even close to great in the next election, but I think he deserves some coverage. With the election over a year away, I'm already getting a little annoyed and disillusioned with the current field of Democratic candidates. It'd be nice to see an underdog like Dennis Kucinich or a candidate on a real mission like Al Gore come on the scene and shake things up a little bit. If you're still interested by the time you get here, check out Joe Klein's profile of Kucinich in these week's Time Magazine, which inspired me to write this.