28 February, 2007

Dissappearing Posts

In case anyone did notice the post that was here, I jumped the gun in putting the letter up here. It's going to be published in tomorrow's Daily Free Press (the BU student newspaper) so I figured I would let that happen before I left it up here permanently. Check out what I had to say tomorrow morning at www.dailyfreepost.com

12 February, 2007

Say What?

So as some of you may have noticed (courtesy of the creepy stalker feed on Facebook), I switched my political leaning from "moderate" to "liberal" because I think I've come to realize that that is in fact how I am. I didn't want to be all narcissistic and make a post about myself, but I also didn't want to have awkward conversation with people potentially wondering "why the switch?" I believe that as a young person, it is almost a duty to be open-minded and progressive (two synonyms of "liberal" that I prefer). I believe that political candidates falling to the left of center work better for me at this time of my life and left leaning positions on issues are more beneficial for my own good. And further, there is no way in hell I am supporting a Republican candidate in 2008. I believe that I would be able to maintain my "moderate" status only if I was at least going to give the GOP candidates the time of day, but that's not going to happen. And if you're wondering, my favorite right now is Al Gore.

The former vice-president and one-time popularly elected presidential candidate has not officially declared, I'm holding out that he's going to run. Consider the following: he was the star of a twice Oscar-nominated film that has been the talk of many political circles for 6 months now, he's a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and he's placing fourth in national polls although he has yet to announce. Not to mention, he's got a best selling book and another book still to be published coming out in May. He also was on the Grammys last night and is on television all the time now. Oh and I forgot, he also won the election just 7 years ago.

Anyway, speculation is that if he is in fact going to run, he may announce at the Oscars in 13 days from today. This will put him in front of an audience of millions worldwide and will be a bit higher profile than the impersonal, prerecorded announcements posted on Clinton's and Obama's websites. He is also expected to announce plans for massive worldwide concerts to be held this July in order to raise awareness about global warming.

I truly believe that Al Gore is the best candidate for the presidency in 2008. He was one of the first high profile critics of the Iraq War, An Inconvenient Truth screenings seem to be held hourly (at least in these parts) and the man is everywhere, whether it's on his network, Current TV, or at a news conference with billionaire Richard Branson. The worst thing that can come out of all this face time and exposure is that more people will be aware of the noble things he is advocating, and of course the best thing is that it's enough to get him back into the White House, but this time as the head honcho.