17 January, 2007

How Much Longer are We In For?

President Bush's new strategy for the Iraq War is to increase the number of troops over there. This move seems completely backward considering the sentiment of the American people and the members of Congress at this point. U.S. troop casualties continue to climb and the country is in Civil War. Something has to change but this is not the way to do it. This situation is immensely complex considering the tensions that exist within Iraq between the Shiites, the Sunnis and the Kurds but this is also their country and they are probably best suited to deal with it. We do have an obligation to help out since we are completely responsible for the current state of the country but the government of Iraq needs to do its part too. The Senate is coming up with a resolution denouncing the new strategy and the war on the whole. As an alternative to increasing troop numbers, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) says the strategy should be "shifting the mission of U.S. troops from combat to training, counterterrorism and protecting Iraq's territorial integrity", according to MSNBC.com. This strategy will "Iraqify" this war and slowly lessen our involvement. Clean up after this war is our responsibility and we've tried our best by establishing a new government with a new constitution but civil war is an internal conflict and needs to be dealt with internally for the most part. If we can get a military force trained over there, they can get out and suppress the regional tension as they see fit. These people are of the country will be better solving the civil strife. Pulling out now is not an option so we need to do something else. Getting the Iraqi government to do their part is the most important factor to bringing this problem, or at least our involvement in this problem to a close. To conclude, Press Secretary Tony Snow would like us all to know why we should support the President's plan with a snide remark, rather than presenting us reasons or expert opinion and analysis: "The one thing the president has said is, whatever you do, make sure you support the troops, and the question people who support this resolution will have to ask is, how does this support the troops?"