14 December, 2006

Just What We Need

In the last day or so, Democratic Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota had a stroke and is in critical condition. With a two seat majority in the Senate, the Democrats will lose control of the Senate with the loss of one senator. In his current condition, Senator Johnson may very well have to relinquish his Senate seat, which would then be filled by an appointment of South Dakota's Republican Governor. The Republicans have tried for a long time to convince the American people that God is a Republican and I may finally be willing to agree with them if the Democrat's lose control of the Senate through an act of God. All I'm saying is if this plays out as badly as it may, we may want to investigate the Russians. First they take out one of their own with radiation and now they've teamed up with the Republicans. Conclusion: George Bush is in bed with Communists and is destroying this world.

07 December, 2006

I'm Procrastinating

Right now, I am procrastinating my work. I've got some heavy stuff due tomorrow, but I am currently neglecting my responsibilities. Well it's been damn near a month of me writing anything on here. I was getting pretty excited pre-election and posting quite a bit, but my excitement climaxed on Election Day and I feel like I've just been lying here in the post-coital cuddle for a month. Well now I am back and fully refracted and almost ready to post again. Once I've got this work out of the way I will once again post regularly. Plans for my two upcoming posts are an open letter to George W. Bush that I will post on here and also send to the White House and this year's version of my epic Year in Movies post. It is already being worked on so I should be able to get it out quicker this year than last year for all those 5 people I know are out there who look to me occasionally for movie recommendations and who will also enjoy the sexual innuendo laced description above. I also have a short story that I may put up on here, unless it's used in a campus publication, in which case it'll just appear there. I'm inundating myself with new movie watching to ensure I can compile the best commentary at the end of the year. Alright, responsibility calls.