08 November, 2006


And the people have spoken! This is probably not at all expected that I am posting about my glee regarding the immense success my Democrats saw last night. We took the House no problem and we have (anyone in Virginia thinking that George Allen is going to prevail is an idiot not only because he has quite obviously lost at this point, but also because you voted for a man who called someone macaca on the campaign trail) taken the Senate. I haven't had a doubt in my mind since the end of September or so that we wouldn't take the House, and the fanatical half of my mind was telling me we would take the Senate, but the pragmatic half told me to shut the hell up, we had slim chances. Well eat that pragmatism and let fanatiscism prevail (in this case at least)! So let's watch as the Democrats obliterate Bush's final two years and anything he hoped to get done. Here's to stem cell research advances, raising minimum wage and getting us on track or out of Iraq! Let's do this Democrats, let's do this! Just make sure you don't let Hilary get the '08 ticket...

02 November, 2006

Succulent Saltines

Am I procrastinating my work? Do I even have to present that rhetorical question to? How many more questions can I possibly raise to myself? Unimportant. What is important is how delicious saltine crackers are. I'll be honest, I may not be a reliable source as I'm pretty strung out on them. I've stolen a good amount of them from the dining hall and plan to steal more in the days, weeks and years to come. They are simple, just salted crackers. But they are so damn delicious and addictive! Not only are they just satisfy to eat, but you can crunch them up into small crumbs while they are still in their individually wrapped two-packs and then dump the residue into your soup. Perhaps the most delicious thing on earth is a souped soak spoonful of saltine cracker crumbs. I'm already craving more and I just finished a packet. The problem is the masticated mush of the crackers is still in my mouth and the lingering taste makes me crave more. It's a vicious cycle that I'm hoping I can break. A little water should be able to wash the taste away and then my craving should be suppressed and I can get back to my work. Well those are my (unhealthy and strange) insights on saltine crackers.

01 November, 2006

I Now Live In Massachusetts, I Can Be Angry

John Kerry, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how close we are to election day of an election that the Democrats were (I sure hope it is still "are") getting closer to taking both houses of Congress every day? And then you decide to make a stupid comment about Bush and being stupid, although it was easily construed to be about troops being stupid!? And it was at a campaign event for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in California who can't stop the governator any way!? First you blow the 2004 Campaign by (not quite) "reporting for duty," then you skip out on showing up for the Deval Patrick rally I attended, and now you may have very well blown the Democrats chance of doing as well as they could on Tuesday! You bring shame to the entire state that I am somewhat temporarily now calling my home. If you would like to see the senator in action, go to MSNBC.com or similar website and look for video coverage of it. The "joke" he makes goes over about as well as Hitler telling a Jew joke at a Bar Mitzvah. John Kerry, to avoid bringing yourself, this state and this party national shame, you best hope we take both houses on Tuesday because otherwise it's going to be all on you, whether it actually is or not. You damn fool. Don't run again in 2008, please.