29 September, 2005

Mr. O'Leary's Early Presidential Endorsement

The presidential election of 2008 may seem far off, especially considering the last one occurred less than a year ago. However, being the optimist I am, I'm looking forward, towards the future, towards a better tomorrow since the last two elections were such terrible mistakes. The speculation is already rampant for the next election as to who the candidates will be. Another interesting situation is that this will be the first election in a ridiculously long time (yeah, I don't know the exact amount of time) in which an incumbent President nor a sitting Vice President will be running for office. Certainly Hilary Clinton and John McCain seem to have established themselves as the favorites for the Democratic and Republican nominations, respectively. I'm not sure who I'd prefer between these two, since both of them appeal to me. However, I'm going for an underdog at this point, a man too few people are watching, the Senior Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden (D).

Biden has twice on live television alluded to a run for president, as long as he believes he has a realistic chance of competing by the end of this year, in recent months. This man has already waged one attempt at the Presidency, albeit, an successful one. Due to an allegedly plagiarized speech, given during the campaign of 1988, Biden dropped out of the race. It was later decided that Biden had simply not credited the source of the text correctly, a source he had cited correctly in past speeches. I believe this to be an unfortunate set of circumstances and hope that he will seriously pursue the nomination this time around. In addition, Biden plans to release his memoir in 2007, just in time for potential voters to know the man as a human being.

Having nearly served a quarter century in the Senate, Biden has gained much respect, from both sides of the aisle. Biden does not allow his party to dictate his beliefs and, for the most part, maintains a left-of-center position on the political spectrum, something I can respect, seeing as I am situated at about the same position. Further proof of his rational politics, he has also mentioned a Biden-McCain ticket for 2008 as a possibility, in which case he would be willing to act as either President or Vice President. In reference to what I said earlier, I would vote for McCain over Clinton if he were to take on Biden as his running mate.

Furthermore, I can respect Biden much more than other politicians. He seems more down to Earth and, quite frankly, more average. When I say average, I don't mean in his demeanor or his political career, but in his upbringing. Biden attended University of Delaware and Syracuse University, two respectable, but not overly elite institutions (not to mention, I'm considering both of them for myself). Most politicians have attended Ivy League schools and Oxford or Cambridge, but seeing this man in such a powerful position in our society, and potentially the most powerful by 2009, who attended the same schools I'm pursuing, really makes me feel a connection to him. Too often politicians are extremely wealthy, have made it into politics through family connections or attended colleges most of us can only dream of, but Joe Biden is like any one of us, and that's very impressive.

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, the election is still more than three years away, and at the rate our country is going, it's quite possible our society won't make it until then. But, I'm jumping on the Biden Bus early and hope to see this vessel pull into the White House in January of 2009. Joe Biden for President, 2008.