06 August, 2005

Some Ideas Regarding Guns and Gays: Part II, Gays

O'Leary's Recommendations of the Day:
Song: "Clocks," Coldplay. So I've absolutely loved this song since it came out two years ago or so, but upon purchasing A Rush of Blood to the Head, the album featuring this song, recently, my love for this song solidified and I am now convinced it is absolutely one of the greatest songs to ever grace human kind with its presence. I can listen to this song over and over, without any other songs playing in between and enjoy it. This song has been played everywhere since it came out, but I still absolutely love listening to it everytime I hear it.
Film: The Iron Giant (1999). This is easily my favorite animated film. It is incredibly intelligent and deep for an animated flick. Using the height of the Cold War as the setting, the film is able to get across messages of the futility of hysteria and prejudice. Also notable is the fact that a nearly unknown Vin Diesel provided the grunts and groans of the titular character.

I've got one question for people, heterosexual or homosexual: who cares? Why do people care so much about the personal, private affairs of individuals? If a man loves another man, or a woman loves another woman, why should laws and politicians and the religious right care so much? Those people can go on living their heterosexual lives and the affairs of homosexuals will not interfer.

I suppose you could say I support gay marriage and gay rights, but I feel more like, if you don't bother with my most personal and intimate affairs, I won't bother with yours. The main issue regarding homosexuality is marriage and civil unions. Now, if two men love each other and want to get married, why shouldn't they be able to? If they are legally prohibited from doing so, they'll live together for the rest of their lives, much like a heterosexual would, but when something happens to one of them, because they are not married the partner can not be included in any decision making or those decisions' outcomes. Civil unions are simply a joke. It is marriage by a different name, the different name simply exists so that homosexuals are forced to remain ostracized from society. If civil unions and marriages grant virtually the same rights to the couples involved, why not just call it all "marriage?"

The main argument against gay marriage is that it will forever change the "concept of marriage as an establishment." It should be noted that such an argument is being made by right wing nuts like Senator Rick Santorum, Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter, who anyone with any amount of sense knows not to take seriously (note: I don't take far leftists seriously either, so don't accuse me of bias). I think these people will be remembered in about 40 years similarly to how we now remember Strom Thurmond in terms of racial segregation. In the future, gay marriage will be a regular part of society and those who don't support it now will have a shameful legacy in the future.

While I don't see this conflict being settled, I do believe it will be settled in the next five years or so. Opinion regarding gay marriage is about fifty/fifty right now. The supporting faction is gaining ground as well, as gay marriage proposals are coming up for vote in nearly all elections, not to mention, such marriages are already legal in Massachusetts. It is good to see progress being made, however, national action needs to be taken or else state-by-state action will prevail and "homosexual sanctuaries" will spring up all over the country. Until national legislation is put in place, opinion will remain divided and with the passage of gay marriage legislation in various states, gay will be okay in some states, and not others. This reminds me of a time, about 150 years ago, when state by state, slavery was banned. Eventually, slavery was legal in half the country and outlawed in the other half. As you've probably realized by now, that led to the deadliest war in U.S. history. Despite whether you believe that such a comparison is too drastic or right on par, division is never a good thing for a country. So, our main goal should be one national precedent. With one law in place for the entire nation, there will be no more debate as to how to go about this issue and we can move on and continue evolving as a society.